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Ask Doctor Debt was created by the ACA International Education Foundation to provide free and unbiased answers to consumers' debt questions. You can always be assured that no personal information is ever collected on this site and that users' privacy will never be compromised.

The ACA International Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its primary mission is to serve consumers who are challenged by debt by improving their financial literacy and providing them with tools and resources. The Foundation was created by the members of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and is an extension of the desire ACA International members have to treat each consumer with dignity and respect, along with offering solutions that benefit both the consumer and the creditor who is owed money on a past-due bill.

Why would an organization made up of credit and debt collection professionals want to help consumers? Simple—educated consumers who understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the credit and debt collection process are far easier to work with than those who do not. In addition, dealing with debt and credit issues can be an emotional and sometimes intimidating process. It doesn't need to be. If you know your rights, fully understand the situation you're in and what options are available, you can avoid unnecessary stress while making the best decision for you and your family's financial well-being.

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