Ask Doctor Debt Appears in USA Today 


ACA International Education Foundation is pleased to participate in the recent USA Today's special supplement dedicated to youth financial literacy , which is aimed at parents. 

The Foundation placed an ad on page 7 promoting as part of its effort to broaden the reach of this valuable resource among consumers.   

The youth financial literacy supplement will only be included with USA Today's distribution in the following select markets (Washington/Baltimore, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia), representing 458,446 copies with a readership estimate of 1 million consumers.

As outlined in USA Today, teaching children about saving, credit, debt, budgeting and discipline in managing their own finances is essential to growth and development.  From the very basic to the complex, parental involvement in helping their children better understand how to value and manage money is essential to helping them make successful financial decisions as they grow older.  

Helpful tips for talking to your children about financial management:

  • Be a role model. Parents, siblings and grandparents are important role models for teaching financial management to children. Lead by example.
  • Be honest. Building and maintaining trust with your child is essential. Admit mistakes and share how you learned from them.
  • Be interactive.  Effective teaching is a two-way street. Talking and listening with real life examples is important. 
  • Be patient. Some children may not immediately grasp the concepts you are teaching, but don't give up on your teaching efforts.
  • Start with an allowance.  For children, an allowance provides hands-on lessons in saving, spending, credit and budgeting.

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