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I would like to know if I make a payment to my credit card 15 days before its due date every month, will I have to pay interest?
Can a credit card company cancel a card if I don’t use the card?
If I have my account closed, do they have the right to continue to charge interest and penalties?
Am I liable for a credit card debt after a divorce?
How do I know if a credit card account has passed the statute of limitations?
If a third or fourth party buys a discharged credit card debt, is the account reopened? How can I find out if a credit card account was discharged and therefore the account written off as bad debt? I want to know this in order to find out if a card is past the statute of limitations.
If I know a credit card is past the statute of limitations, can I respond to a lawsuit by stating the debt is past the statute of limitations?
A credit card company is suing me for my past due debt. What do I do next?
I have past due credit card debt. The credit card company has hired an attorney who has filed a court date. I called the attorney to set up a payment plan. The attorney refused my monthly payment offer and wants three times what I can afford. He just says see you in court. Is there anything that I can do before this goes any further?
Health problems have caused me to lose most of my income. I really need help in paying off credit card debt. Where can I go for help?
I was recently contacted by a collection agency concerning an alleged debt from a credit card company that was last used many years ago. I do not have proof that this debt was paid off. What is the statute of limitations on a debt that has had no activity for years?
I have a few personal and credit card loans that I'm struggling with, I've been barely keeping up with them so far but one bank is going to start garnishing my wages and when they do they will take more than I can afford to give with what I'm paying out now. I don't have enough money left over now after paying the other bills to support myself with the everyday living expenses. What can I do?
Does cancelling old credit cards, store cards, or lines of credit hurt your credit score?
For no reason, MasterCard halved my line of credit in October 2008 leaving my balance near my credit limit. Now they've also doubled my APR. Do I have any recourse?
A credit card company sent me a letter stating it is closing its business and I would no longer be able to use my card. However, the company is still billing me a maintenance fee and an online fee to the account and told me I needed to pay the account off or it would turn it over to collections. Should I continue to pay it off and should the company be able to charge me an account maintenance free?
My wife had a credit card charged off 19 years ago and we recently received a bill for it. Do we legally have to pay this? Isn’t there a statute of limitations?
Is it better to pay extra on a low balance credit card account or a high interest credit card account?
I have a credit card that I pay more than minimum on monthly, but the interest puts the balance back up to the same final amount every month. Is there anything I can do to get the finance charges reduced?
How do you lower your credit card payoff amount when you are in good standing with your credit card company? I tried and they said I have to be in default before they would negotiate with me?
If a creditor or debt collector files suit in small claims court to collect a credit card debt, what information do they have to provide to the court to prove I owe the debt?
Is debt settlement better than debt consolidation to take care of credit card debts?
A credit card company has placed a lien on my home. What can I do to resolve the lien?
I have come into some money and plan to pay all of my cards off. Can I call my credit card company to try to get them to settle for less?
I’m shopping for a new credit card with air miles, since I can never redeem miles from my old card. Will cancelling my old card hurt my credit? I hate to continue to pay an annual fee on a card I will no longer use.
How will making one half of minimum payment twice a month payoff my card debt quicker?
My wife's credit cards are in her name. Can they come after the husband to collect on the debt?
I have about $8,000 in credit cards and about $23,000 in car payments, but I have enough in my savings account to pay all these off. I am worried about using my savings to pay these debts off. I have the savings as an emergency fund. I have about 14 months in my emergency fund. Any suggestions?
JC Penney has recently begun contacting my husband's father about a debt we owe. In investigating we found out that father-in-law's social security number is somehow being used by JC Penney. He has the same name and has resided at the same address. How did they get this information?
A credit card debt from 2006, which was partially paid, has shown up as a new credit card debt and has been sold to a collection agency. So, when my son called Capitol One they claimed they didn't have any records under his name. He has no credit since 2006 so we thought someone stole his ID. Is this a reconstituted debt?
My husband got credit cards with me knowing and charged them all up to the max. Am I responsible for the money he charged even if I didn't know anything about it or that the cards existed?
My credit card company raised my interest rate in 2009 for late payment of just a few days With the new credit card law, do they have to reduce it to the former level six months after the new law went into effect, assuming payments were made on time for those six months?
Can another division of a credit card company sue me under the name of the bank? How can I validate the attorney is the actual debt collector as I am being sued in court currently.
I have been lax in store credit and old credit cards no longer used; is there a site or a way of knowing all the cards I am signed up for so that I can contact them and close lines I am no longer interested in or stores that have been closed?
The cardholder left and did not honor his debts. They are claiming I, the remaining officer, personally guaranteed the application. It is on my personal credit. How do I get it off?
If I transferred credit card debt to someone else’s card, does that debt no longer apply to me? If I file for bankruptcy can I discharge this debt if I still pay the monthly bill?
My credit card, in my name only, is past due and I have been served with a summons that I responded to. Can my husband be held responsible for my debt?
I had a credit card with a balance of about $5000 when I had to quit my job to take care of an ill relative. I let my payments go delinquent for three years and now the balance is nearly $10,000. I do want to pay this card off, but what can I do about the new fees?
I am on Social Security Disability Insurance. I have credit card debt that I am unable to pay. I want the phone calls, letters, etc. to stop. How do I do that?
Would my credit card debt affect my spouse’s credit score if his name is not included as a co-user on my credit card, and if the credit card is only in my name?
Is there a statute of limitations on credit card debt? How many years?
Can a credit card company sue for unsecured debt?
If you resolve your credit card debt for less than was due what will the credit reports show? I know the credit score would still be low, but would it be as if you never had this debt as far as the records show?
I opened a credit card in college and have not used the card the past three years. During this time I paid the automatic payments and the account was closed and sent to a collection agency. We negotiated a payment arrangement, but they will not put it writing. What should I do next?
My wife is an ordinary clerk and I lost my job 2 years ago. We are in debt for $30,000 and the mortgage has been modified but since unemployment benefits are gone, I cannot pay the minimum payment anymore in credit card without steady income. Now I’ve got letters from credit cards for nonpayment. What should we do?
Are both spouses responsible if only one person’s name is on the credit card?
What is the statute of limitations on credit card debt collections? Does it vary by state?
My husband and I are about to pay off our vehicles but are afraid they will then be vulnerable to repossession from previous unresolved credit card debts. What can we do?
I have recently remarried after being widowed for several years. When I asked for my name to be changed the credit card company closed my account. I have always paid more than the monthly payment. Do I have any recourse?
What is the statute of limitations for a company to collect debt in Texas on a credit card?
Is it better to pay off high interest credit cards or bills that have a smaller balance and no interest?
Is a person of unsound mind living with dementia responsible to pay a credit card debt?
Is the statute of limitations from where the credit card started or where the consumer currently resides?
Does having a multiple credit cards improve or hinder my credit rating?
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