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How do credit repair companies work?
I recently went through a divorce that left me with credit card debt. On top of that, I have student loans to pay off and a car loan to pay. Most of my salary goes toward rent and other bills. I've been considering taking out a loan from a credit union. I've heard that the interest rate could be 10 percent or higher on a loan. I want to avoid bankruptcy. What should I do?
How do I choose a reputable credit counseling company to negotiate cheaper interest rates and a payment plan?
Are there any debt consolidators that are safe?
My mom is a 75-year-old apartment dweller who has a lot of credit card debt. Are there any organizations that assist the elderly?
I paid off some debts after that were already reported to the credit bureaus. Is it better for my credit that they were paid, even if they were paid after they were reported? Does it make a difference?
How fast does credit build after paying off a debt and will it build with a mark on my credit score even through it has been paid?
How do we get our credit score better? I have been laid off all summer and my husband has been working. My new job starts tomorrow and he starts his second job soon. How can we restore our credit?
I would like to know the reputation of a company that I am thinking of using for debt settlement?
If I want to settle a debt to help my credit look better, should I settle for the original amount owed or pay the interest too? Should I also ask for a letter stating the account was paid in full?
I cannot afford to payoff a past credit card in one lump sum and was offered a payoff. Does that hurt my credit even more?
I am fixing to settle around $6000 dollars in prior collection accounts with a one-time settlement of around 50 to 65 percent. Once I have paid them all, around 8 total, will these items be removed permanently from my credit reports? Thanks!
Experian and Transunion have updated information but Equifax wont follow suit in spite of multiple disputes. Their inaccurate information has resulted in declined credit and is preventing me from refinancing. I have followed every protocol yet it's not getting posted to my credit report. How do I get them to report accurately as the other two have done?
How do I stop the calls and clear up my credit report?
If I pay my credit card of $6800 in full at one time will it hurt my credit?
How do I get a medical transaction off my credit report?
How many points does a debt lower from your credit score?
A close friend filed personal bankruptcy over 10 years ago. How long will it show on a credit report and how will it influence a home equity loan application
If I pay off my debt, will it show up on my credit report?
I signed up with a debt resolution company and now I would like to resolve my debt on my own. How can I get my money back and stop my monthly payments to the debt resolution company?
How do I consolidate my debts and will my credit score improve once my debts are paid in full?
What are the costs and benefits for applying a personal loan to pay off my credit card debt and would this improve my credit score?
What debt consolidation services do you recommend?
My grandparents are in debt and are disabled. What resources are available to get them out of debt?
An attorney told me they can negotiate a settlement on my debt. What will a settlement do to my future credit?
Can a credit repair agency remove negative remarks from a credit report?
If a debt is paid in full, will it be removed from my credit report?
How long does it take to rebuild my credit after my debts are paid in full?
Would it be prudent to take out a personal loan to pay off a debt to improve my credit score?
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