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When a law firm functions as, or represents a collection agency, are they required to be licensed as a collection agency or does their law license cover them in the state of Tennessee?
Can a collection agency keep calling me at work?
Do debt collectors typically pay less than the original debt amount when they purchase bad debts from creditors?
Are debt collectors required to be a member of ACA International or any other organization?
If a debt collector lives in one state and the consumer lives in another, does the debt collector/collection agency have to be licensed and bonded in the state in which the consumer lives to conduct collection activity?
Which debts are covered under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)?
Who is a debt collector?
Are original or “first party” creditors subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)?
Can debt collectors add surcharges (interest, fees, charges or expenses) to the original debt?
Can debt collectors demand full payment even though they know the agency or creditor is willing to accept partial payments?
Can a company leave a door hanger advising past due with the amount owed on it?
Can debt collectors request my Social Security number?
Can debt collectors continue to try to collect a debt after the statute of limitations period has expired?
Can a debt collector file a lawsuit against me?
Where can a debt collector file a lawsuit to collect a debt?
What does “charge-off” mean?
If my account has been assigned to a debt collector, to whom do I send my payments?
I am 84 yrs old and my only income is social security. I have a judgment against me and the only asset I own is an 8 year old car. Can I lose my car because of the judgment?
Can I still negotiate a payment plan with collection agency or law firm after an offer of reduced balance of my debt?
What action is the industry taking to stop illegal and abusive collection operations?
Does a collection agency have to identify themselves as a collection agency to a third party?
Can a company transfer a legal debt collection from one law firm to another at will?
If a visit from one of my doctors is sent to collections, does this prevent me from seeing my other doctors?
Can you collect beyond the statute of limitations?
My son lost his job and could no longer make his payments. The loan company repossessed his car, sold it, and then sold the balance to a collection agency. They are now calling him for payment of the balance. Can they legally do this?
Is it true that the original debt holder can pull accounts back from collection agencies?
I have an outstanding debt from 2001 that was started in Florida. I now reside in Utah and the collector is taking me to court here. Can they do this?
I was charged interest by a third party debt collector. This was a doctor bill through a healthcare provider that was sent to a third party debt collector. The third party debt collector charged 8 percent interest and the only indication of this was that my balance kept going up. Is it legal for them to charge interest without even sending me a notice?
A collection agency received a check from me with the account number specified to where the money is to be paid. The collection agency changed the number I placed and put a number of an account that they say I owe. The account number they specific has been paid in full over 10 months ago. What should I do?
What are debt collectors allowed to say and do? Can they leave a door hanger stating the person is past due on their account with the amount noted?
If you have a charge-off can a collection agency contact me about the debt?
Can I be charged with a felony or go to jail for having insufficient funds in my account when a debt collector deposits my post-dated check?
Can a debt collector charge for legal fees?
Can I collect on a debt that is seven years or older?
How long does a collection company have to collect on an account? Does the time frame change state to state?
What serves as notice that the debtor has been contacted about a bad debt?
Why am I being charged a service fee when I make a payment?
Can a collection agency mail a collection notice to your place of employment? What are the consequences if a collection agency violates third party disclosure from that mail to a business?
Is it good to pay a debt collection agency when they offer you to pay half of the pay off, if not then how do I go about paying off this particular debt?
Can a third party send a letter stating this is an attempt to collect a debt after 7 years?
When does a default start and finish?
I have a statement to pay an outstanding debt. Do I mail the payment or can I pay it online?
What serves as notice that the debtor has been contacted about a bad debt?
I have an unpaid balance for the amount of $4,000 and would like to know if I could get a discount if I paid it all?
About one to two times a month, I will get phone calls at my home from debt collectors. They are calling to speak with Joe Smith, not my real name. This person is definitely not me as I have NO debt. Even though I advise them they have the wrong Joe Smith. What can I do to ensure I no longer receive any of these phone calls?
We were contacted by a debt collection agency about a debt we paid-off in monthly payments over the period of a year and a half. We are now getting letters from a different collection agency about the same debt and have tried to contact the original agency with no luck, but they have cashed all our checks. Do we have any recourse in this matter?
Why do I continue to get debt collection calls about someone else? I have never owe these collectors anything, I have never giving anyone permission to use my name or my phone number as a reference, yet I get debt collection calls at least three times a day all times of day and can stop these calls? PLEASE HELP!
We do not have any debt in arrears but are getting recorded phone calls from a debt collection agency to call them back. We don’t know if it’s a scam. Would you please give some guidance?
I have been receiving phone calls to my phone number trying to get in touch with a gentleman named Antonio for 6 years. He has not had this phone number for at least 6 years, and no one named Antonio has lived at this number for 6 years. When I wait on the phone I am put on hold, I wait for 10 minutes, and then am disconnected due to timeout. How do I make it stop?
Under what conditions can collection letters be sent via email?
Does it help to continue to make payments on an account that is already turned over for collections and has been put on my credit file?
I recently overpaid a collection agency. What is their legal responsibility with regard to providing me with a refund. How long do they have to provide the refund. My refund may be less than 10; do they still have to refund this money?
What happens if there is an overpayment and how is that handled?
The former owner of my phone number continues to use the number on applications and is constantly in debt trouble. I get several collection calls a week for him on my phone, when he has not owned the number for more than 5 years. Can I request that agencies take note that he is NOT the owner of my phone and please stop calling me?
I get calls from bill collectors all the time because of my common surname. The calls are never for me but always for someone with my surname and my late mother’s first initial. Is there anything I can do to make this stop?
Is it illegal for a debt collector to request that I verify the debt?
I broke the lease on my apartment after buying a house. They turned it over to collections and say I owe $4500. I live in Texas and I forward all their calls to voice mail. I never received a letter informing me of any debt. Can they sue me? Will my credit score suffer for the whole 7 years?
I have enough to pay about three fourths of what I owe after selling a number of items, is it reasonable for the company to accept this as full payment?
Will a collection agency settle for a lesser amount if I offered to pay in a lump sum?
What is a debt settlement?
If I pay a debt with a money order by mail today. Is the debt considered paid once the letter is postdated or until they open their mail?
Are debt collectors required to have a business license in the county that an alleged debtor lives in when they are attempting to collect a debt?
I attempted to settle with a collection agency and I wanted the agreement in writing and I will be sending a money order the next day. They refused and wanted my personal checking information. I had my personal info stolen before and prefer to do it this way. Is there a rule or law that they are breaking? Do they have the right to demand my checking account number?
My husband took out a payday loan 6 years ago and failed to pay it. The collection agency is saying that we have to pay the amount in full or else they will press criminal charges against him. Can they do this?
What serves as notice that the debtor has been contacted about a bad debt?
Why did I get a balance due statement from a collection agency?
Can a collections agent belittle you and suggest that you are lying when you are trying to discuss repayment of a debt?
How many days can a debt collector call you in Washington State? Is it legal for the collector to call four days in a row?
What does it mean when the collection agency says the account is out of statute?
I received a phone call on my cell at work the other day from a debt collector looking for my brother. The caller would not give his name or company when I asked. Is that legal?
Can a debt collector obtain my credit report? Can a debt collector garnish my wages even though we had a verbal, but not a written agreement on a monthly payment plan?
I received a final collections notice to pay my debt before it gets reported to all major credit bureaus. How long do I have to pay it before this happens?
I have been receiving phone calls from a collection agency for the prior owner of my home phone number. How can I stop this?
I have a charged off debt that was purchased by a third party, which party do I owe the debt to?
What is the statute of limitations for contracts in California?
I was unable to obtain a loan to pay off my account owed to a collection agency. What options do I have to pay off the account in full?
Can a debt collector call me before a debt is reported to a consumer reporting agency?
What serves as notice that the consumer has been contacted about a bad debt?
How many times can a debt collector call me in a day?
How can I set up a payment arrangement on my medical debt with my healthcare provider?
Can a collection company use fake titles to disguise their call? What can I do I can’t find collection agencies address and phone number?
Does a debt collector have to identify themselves when contacting a third party?
Can a debt collector accept a post-dated check? What can I do if a debt collector withdraw early from a post-dated check?
I am an international student, will I go to prison for the debt owed and will it affect my international student status.
What protection do I have if a debt collector does not send me a validation notice and then I receive a validation notice over a year later?
Can interest be legally added to a debt already owed?
How can I request proof for the original debt that was purchased by a third party collection agency?
How does a debt collector obtain phone numbers of friends, neighbors, or relatives to call them about the consumer that owes the debt?
My debt was sold by the original creditor to a collection agency. Does the collection agency have the right to sue in court for a judgment?
Is it legal for an out of state collection agency to use local phone numbers displayed on caller ID when calling about a debt?
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