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Can my children be held responsible for my credit card debt should I die?
Can debt collectors report my spouse's debt on my credit report?
Can debt collectors discuss my debt with my spouse?
Can debt collectors discuss my debt with my children?
Am I responsible for my spouse's debts?
I wasn't notified when a joint debt with my ex-spouse became delinquent. Should I have been notified?
I lived with a man for 3 years. Never engaged or married. He had some credit card debt when we met as most people do. He has since accumulated more credit card, health related and other debt. We are no longer together. Can I be held responsible for the debt?
My son used my phone number as his own, ran up charges on a credit card and the debt collectors call me every day, even though I have told them this is my private number. Is there an action I can take?
Can debt collectors call family members for location of your whereabouts? If so, I think that's disrespectful.
If one party has outstanding debt before marriage does it become the responsibility of the opther party once they are legally married? If so, is there a way to get around this so it stays the first parties debt only?
My wife, who used to own her own business, used the credit card offers sent to me through the mail to run up tens of thousands of dollars in credit against my name. She handles the mail but not family finances so I was unaware of this debt. Some of these became delinquent and I became aware once the collection agencies started calling. I have settled these accounts but the defaults remain on my credit history. Is there any way to clear up these issues?
My children are grown, the youngest is 30 years old. Child support is from the state of California. I live in Missouri and child support is taking half of my pay. What can I do?
I have power of attorney for aged relative suffering from Alzheimer's and living in an assisted living facility. She has no physicial assets and has income from Social Security and a small pension, all of which are used to pay for her care. Can a debt collector get a judgement against her Social Security and pension?
My sister used my name on her utility bill and failed to pay. She assumed the debt but how do I get my name off it?
What right does the estranged wife have when they have not lived together for six years but never divorced? Also, who is entitled to the vehicles that were in both the husband and wife's name but left to the husband's new fiancee in his will?
Can a debt collector bill a wife for a husband's bill?
My son ran up some debts and used my phone number and now the debt collectors keep calling. What can I do?
We have been receiving letters and phone calls from debt collectors for my husband’s two brothers and his mother. We have given them the current contact information for his mother. As for his brothers, they are in the military and we do not have current contact information for them. How can we get them to stop calling and contacting us?
Does a collection company have the right to hold me responsible for my ex wifes medical bills?
I have been legally divorced since 2003. My divorce decree states that my ex-husband is the guarantor for hospital bills for the children , but when he didn’t pay them they have appeared on my credit report and haven’t showed up on his at all.The credit reporting agencies will not remove them, even though I have supplied them with the information. Any other suggestions?
Am I legally responsible if my spouse owes a medical debt in the state of Ohio?
My husband no longer lives with me but we are legally married. If he purchases a car am I liable for the loan?
Can a husband be held legally responsible for a wife’s medical debt in Mississippi?
My husband I are getting divorced. I’m getting creditors calling about his bad debt that was accumulated after we separated. Can his bad credit affect my credit report even after we were separated?
My husband and I are currently in debt counseling and will be for the next 4 years. Our home loan is not part of the debt counseling. We are still paying it on our own. My question is can we apply for a home loan switch?
My single son died at 58 and left credit card debt. Am I responsible?
Following a divorce moved to N.C. from Ga....which statute of limitations applies to debt prior to divorce?
If a married couple takes out a credit card and a personal loan then get a divorce and both parties are held responsible each for half of the debt in a divorce decree, would the creditor have to find each party responsible only for their portion? Would each person only be responsible for only half of the debt acquired?
My daughter never paid her share of medical charges that the insurance did not cover. I just found out that the collection agency has placed this on my credit score. Can they do that? Can they deplete my credit score for her unpaid amount? If my ex is claiming her on taxes why do I have to pay this to save my credit score?
In what states can a spouse be held liable for their spouses medically necessary service charges?
My decease wife was in credit counseling for a charged off joint Bank of America credit card. They transferred the debt to collection agency who filed bankruptcy. Do I still owe the debt and should the credit counselor refund the money they have been automatically withdrawing from my wife’s bank account?
I am still receiving bills from a collection agency regarding medical debts for my ex-husband. The court ordered that I am not liable for the debt. What is the best way to resolve this issue?
I went to the hospital and was under my mom, the bill is now going to collections. Who will be liable for the bill?
I live in Missouri, am I responsible for my husband’s ambulance bills?
What bills am I responsible for after his (my husband’s) death?
When a parent dies, what happens to any debt they have? If their debt is only in their names will their children be liable for their debts?
Can collection agency report a past due medical debt on spouse’s credit?
What happens when a deceased relative leaves unsecured debt but no assets to pay the creditors?
Can a debt collector legally contact my relatives such as parents and siblings in regards to a debt?
I am having difficulties paying off accrued interest charges on my medical bill to a hospital. Can I have the interest charges removed and pay only what is owed?
My divorce attorney explained a creditor attempted to collect a past debt from a joint holder account in my previous marriage. What can I do to protect myself against these charges?
My husband has an unpaid medical bill. How will this affect my credit?
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