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I need to apply for a student loan, but my family does not support me. Are there student loans that do not require a co-signer?
How can I lower my student loan interest rate? I consolidated my student loans, and then a couple years ago I kept receiving letters to reduce my interest rate on the student loan. I called, but since I already consolidated, it didn’t apply to me. Is there anything I can do to lower my interest rate?
I took a student loan in 1981, which I thought I had paid. After my husband died they started to garnish my widow's benefits check. Is that legal at my age (65) for a collection agency to do?
I have a defaulted student loan that is 25 years old. I am 56 years old and have been unable to work for the last 15 years. I live on a very small fixed income and I am unable to afford payments to the agency assigned to collect the loan. Is there a time limit as to collecting student loans? Do they ever expire, or are they ever forgiven? Will I ever be able to get credit?
I had a student account with a private liberal arts university that I attended back in 2005 in California. I stopped attending the school, but there is still an unpaid portion of the tuition remaining that I owe to this day. I was wondering if the CA statute of limitations also applies to debt owed to a college.
My granddaughter took out a student loan to go to college. She paid on her other debt rather than the student loan and it has been turned over to a collection agency. Any suggestions on getting out of this situation?
Hello, I have a debt with a university and the university put the account with a collections agency. I have made arrangement to pay monthly but I’ve missed a payment and now the agency seeks litigations for the entire amount owed. What is it that I can do about this situation?
I was paying $200 on my student loans and I receive a call requesting for a higher amount per month. I tried to explain that I couldn’t make those payments every month. Is there anything we can do to get back to lower payments we used to have?
Do student loan debts ever expire?
A debt collection agency notified me that they have returned my student debt account back to the university. Will the university release my transcript after the transfer of my account?
Do I have to pay back a student loan if I never obtain my GED?
I am unable to continue to pay off my student loan debts, what can I do?
I have consolidated my student loans over three years ago and account are still reporting as active on my credit report. Should I contact the consumer reporting agencies to report the account as closed?
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