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What is a judgment?
Can a collection agency attempt to serve you with a summons to appear in court at your place of employment?
Mom is 88. The credit card company has increased her monthly charge. She can only pay $80.00 per month on a $2,000.00 balance. We closed the account and can not afford to pay. She is on Social Security and my father died. She has no other income. Can her Social Security be garnished?
Can someone go to court and get a garnishment or judgment against me without my knowledge or ability to respond? Don't I have to be contacted first by the court that someone is suing me?
What does it mean when someone says you are “judgment proof”?
My husband had his car repossessed prior to our marriage. Now the bank who had his car loan is suing him. Does a statute of limitations apply to my husband's car loan debt?
Can my employer fire me because my wages are being garnished?
Are funds from disability/Social Security subject to garnishment?
What is a default judgment?
Can debt collectors add interest to judgments?
Can a collection agency garnish your wages?
How do I find out how much has been taken out of my wages for a garnishment?
Can a collector enter a judgment to garnish my wages without contacting me first?
Can a credit card company garnish part of your Social Security checks when that is the only income you have?
Can a student loan lender garnish your wages if you have been unable to pay and the loan is in default?
My husband is having $50 deducted from his paycheck every pay period under a garnishment. I have been looking back for quite a number of years now and there is still a $50 garnishment being deducted. I don't know what this is for. He told me he had a ticket he had to pay the company for but now I am seeing that the garnishment goes back a long way. Do I, as the wife, have a right to know what the garnishment is for and do I have the right to ask the company he works for?
Does a debt collector have a right to collect payment only if they take the money directly from your account?
What rights do I have after being served a summons?
If a collection agency lawyer is already garnishing 25 percent of my income, can any other crditors garnish my wages on top of that?
I received a writ of continuing garnishment on a Capitol One credit card and they have me as my last known address. This judgement was entered on July 26, 2010 in the county I reside in. Wasn't I supposed to receive a summons to appear for this judgement?
Does a lender have to go through the court system and get a judgement to seize collateral that is to be forfeited if the loan is in default?
Can they garnish your wages if you have been unable to pay and the loan is in default?
Can I obtain a Lexis Nexis online search session to confirm a docketed judgement in public records without paying an additional fee to my lawyer?
Can I really be sued after the statute of limitations expires?
Other than wage garnishment, what other actions can take place and what process (court or other) must be followed to do so? For example, what personal property can be seized? Can bank checking account balances be seized? Also, can an IRA or 401K account be seized?
I receive a monthly pension plyus draw social security. I own my own home free of mortgage or lien. Can my pension or social security be garnished and can they take my home from me?
What are the details of obtaining judgement proof status?
I am retired and on a fixed income. I receive a pension check from the Teamster's union. Can a collection agency get a judgement on my checking account and take those funds?
How much can they take out of my pay?
Is it legal for an employer to garnish an employee's wages because of a bill owed to the employee without notification or legal documentation provided to the employee?
If a collection agency gets a judgement against me do they have to show the collection account as closed or at least quit reporting it as current? How can I owe them a collection and a judgement at the same time on the same account? Isn't that hitting my credit report twice?
A collection agency just sent me a summons. In the summons it said I need to send a motion. I just called the collection agency and asked them if they can drop the summons if I was to start making payment right now. They said the judgement would still go through but they won't have to garnish my wages. Do I still have to send a motion?
Can my Social Security check be garnished for a credit card debt? Can they take my house?
I purchased a car in 1997 and returned it voluntary. I have been harassed by creditors up until today in 2010 and now my check has been garnished. Can they do this?
Can the credit card companies garnish your wages?
I want to pay the total debt owed but have been served a notice writ for earnings garnishment. Am I able to pay the amount court ordered without having my pay taken?
Can a judgment be placed on an online payday loan?
Can both Federal and state tax refunds be garnished?
Isn’t it a violation if the debt collector issues a civil judgment in another state of which you do not reside anymore and the last PO address known is in the new state?
I received a small claims notice for $1829.40. I have 14 days to pay, but I can't come up with the full amount. Should I ask for a hearing to extend the avalible time so I dont have judgment against me? Also how much could they garnish out of my wages if I fail to pay the full amount on time? I'm thinking of filing for bankruptcy, will this stop a judgement against me? Thank you for your time!
Can an attorneys office take money from my checking account twice?
I was never served and had a judgment against me back in 2007. I can pay this debt, but I don’t know if I should try to challenge the debt based on not being served first or I can do it after. Will Virginia court let me challenge a judgment that is satisfied from five years back, based on not being served?
Just found out my pay will be garnished. How much are they legally able to take out per check? I live in Oregon.
Can my wages be garnished for medical expenses?
Can I be sued and garnished for debt if I have a federal order to pay restitution?
Can a payroll advance company garnish wages if payment is not made on time?
Can a debt collection company garnish wages from one of its own employees if the employee coincidently has a debt that was bought by their company? Does the debt collection company have to take this through court?
I was summoned to court over past due fees, the judge ruled in our favor because no one came to court for them, I have offered to pay last year and this year but they refuse to accept payment, what can I do, will not allow my family pool privileges. Do I have a case?
Can my wages be garnished for credit card debt?
I have been provided with a writ of garnishment and would like to know if there is a limit on the period of time in which the garnishment can last in Washington State.
I live in South Carolina and am an independent contractor with a company in California. I have a State of Ohio debt. Can my income be garnished? What about my bank account?
If a creditor takes you to court will I be notified of the court date and the judgment amount against me? Can they get a judgment without me knowing and then garnish my bank account?
If you are paying something monthly, can they still garnish wages?
Can social security benefits be attached in a civil matter?
Can the debt collectors garnish someone’s social security benefits if they have direct deposit in a joint bank account and the principle account owner is not you?
I live in Montana and just received notice from my employer that my wages were being garnished. The garnishment was filed in Washington State and no notice was sent to me by the creditor. What rights do I have?
Can a debt collection agency sue me to garnish my wages even when I am making the maximum payments I can after paying the bills that need to be paid to keep the household running?
How can a person find out the estimated length of wage garnishment?
What is the legal time frame that an employer has to remit a garnishment that already withheld?
Do I have to appear in court when I have started payment after I received a summons to appear in court?
What is a judgement?
If you show up to court, how likely is a judge to award in your favor instead of the collection company?
What does it mean when it says to file a written answer with the court and serve a copy on the other party?
Can a credit card judgment transfer from one state to another?
I was served a summons and complaint. Is it mandatory for me appear in court?
Can a creditor garnish my private student loan disbursement?
Can a debt collector garnish my social security disability check?
I received a summons about outstanding debts on an unpaid judgement. What does this mean and how does this affect me?
What is the length of time for a garnishment?
Can a collection agency garnish my monthly child support payments?
Can a hospital garnish my wages for a medical debt?
If I have made payment arrangements with the collection agency directly after receiving a summons; will this stop the summons?
What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid judgment?
Can a collection company garnish your wages even after they put a lien on your home?
I live in Pennsylvania, are wage garnishment permissible for credit card debts?
Can I negotiate with a creditor to stop a garnishment?
What are the consequences if I do not answer a medical summons and complaint that was served on me?
Can a debt collector pursue legal action even if I have a payment arrangement from the debt collector?
Can a creditor take legal action for a medical debt owed if I am receiving social security and disability benefits?
If a summons has been delivered to both my husband and myself, do we both have to be present at court?
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